by Benjamin Biesek 

Glittering Romance and Optimism

“After I had combed / the confetti from my hair”

  1. Ralph Sneeden

Today I wept no tears.
Today is a forest fire.
Sure I’m atavistic, avarice
Plated in a vegan fare palace.
Far off place fair in grace,
Although shadows remain the
Crosshairs is removed, vacant.
In stores they hawk, and dine,
Doves throughout Camelot.
Dresser with no hope, no
Clothes for these elements,
Fire, water, earth. Heir apparent
On the cathedra, her sacrament slim
From daily workouts, and plank
Position. Trudge to the store,
Secure the new luggage.
For to travel is to perish. To divide,
Conquer. Anoint, leather. Lace,
Filigree. Today I’m speckless,
Have bathed beneath nebulae, and
Cloudbursts. Although I doth protest
Let the spirit embody, and excite.
Thresh the scythe.
Marry the moon.

In the Belly

(I have prized long before today)

In the sense of self flooding the systematic,
In grace allowed to impoverished souls let
Them proclaim love is rice held in a nearby dish.
Let them declaim anything. Send you off
To prison or jail or to a breadbox beneath
Nebulae. Let love discover a way to flourish
In the spaces between us.
In the flaws, which mutilate, but time
Is always by my side! The sector opens in governance.
Man breathes wide inside those flourishing,
Flowering days.
I tip my ball cap to the man on the street interned.
Manon on the ham it’s enough to love voraciously.
It’s sufficient to appeal to love only when.

About the Author:

Benjamin Biesek has been published off and on since 07/08 including recently with Peeking Cat and Isacoustic*. Biesek lives in California where he occasionally leads poetry workshops. He is working on his first full length poetry manuscript.