By: Jannai Calderon

“Hey Babe, you ready? OH NO NO NO NO, come on’ you’ll have to come. you’ll have so much fun! Hun. And plus, I believe it will good for you because finally you could forget that jerk off you called boyfriend for so many years.”

Really, Tracey. Can you be a little bit more sensitive?” Joan said as invited her in as well gave her a cold hard glare that could kill her in seconds if it wasn’t for her being her Best Girl Friend in the entire planet.

“Tracey, I really don’t want to go. I mean how could I!?”
“Oh hunny, it’d be okay. Things will get better. You’ll just wait and see. Who knows maybe on this night out you could meet the one!”
“Oh, geez well, alright I’ll get ready. I’ll be out in 15.”

As she went down the hall to her room and get all dolled up.
As Tracey made herself feel at home and turned on the T.V and was shocked to discover that-
“Hey girl, should we go!?”
“Sheesh, you caught me off guard. Don’t sneak up on me like that.”
The “Girl, you okay. Tracey, you were at my house. No sudden treats are there.”
“Yedah.. You right, HAHAHAAA girl, what was I thinking!”
“Girl, you were tripping!”

After 30 minutes of blasting Ariana Grande Tracey finally put on the brakes and said: “Guirl! We’re here! As we both got of the car, we could hear the magic of Coney Island. “I’m so going to regret coming” I thought aloud.

“We are here, we are here, OH MY GOSH!!! THE FAMOUS CONEY ISLAND” Excitedly said as she jumped up and down as she then burst out in a happy dance. Girl, I want to ride on the wonder wheel and the Lunar Park and talk a stroll across Atlantic Ocean Boardwalk.”

Girl, I know. I know. Oh, my what a sight! This is truly so breathtaking!
See, I told you so. Tracey said with a little smirk.

As we watched from afar, I couldn’t bear the thought of something going wrong though out the ride. “Whoosh! Clickty clickty clickty” the rollercoaster zoomed by.
“We are next!”
“Oh, come on that was that whole point of us driving out here, remember?”

I was hesitant to ride but, Afterall, Trac was right we came to forget him and to have fun while doing so. “Yeah, okay! Girl let’s do it!”

Tracey sprinted out of sight as soon as I said those magical phrases. Without even realizing, a guy was watching her as she looked up from where she was sitting and began to fumble with her thumbs. This gentleman wearing a blue navy capri pants and a blue with white striped shirt came over and sat next to me and said:
“First-timer anxiety?”

Without any thought I reacted and said:“Yup.”

As I thought about what I said and came to realization I was speaking with a stranger I turned my head and saw the most gorgeous man ever seen – dark skinned, aesthetically beautiful with hot facial symmetry.  

“Ahh, I see- well maybe I could help. I was watching you from afar- was that your sister you came with?” He asked.

“No”. I said with a slight chuckled.

“Sorry, well tell you what- If you could grab all your courage and ride the rollercoaster like no bodies business, no pun intended I’ll go on a date with you but, if you don’t get on it well- it was nice meeting you, miss”-  He said as he gave me a chuckled with a smirk attached to it.

“Joan- my name is Joan. And you are- “
“Love. My name is Love. And it’s nice meeting you, miss Joan”
“What will it be? Are we going out on a date or not?”

 While, my dilemma is going on full swing inside my head- love has gone to get a drink for me and himself. He would want an answer I tell myself. Finally, I leaped out of the beach I was in and said: “We’re going on this date.”

“Alright! Let’s go.” he whispered in my ear.

As we were making our way to the entrance, he grabs hold of my hand and comfort me giving me neck rub.

“No turning back now, joan” his words echo though out my ears and into my brain in slow motion.
“No, I guess not love” My subconscious answered for me because my brain and body is in a fear driven paralysis. Our row was two people away from being next. My brain was in denial of me riding this roller coaster. Still, my body was being dragged by all efforts go to my subconscious.

“NEXT IN LINE”! Shouted the man.
Well, that’s us! Exclaimed love.
“Clickty, Clickty, Clikty” as the rollercoaster went uphill love was there ever of the way holding my hand.
As we went uphill the rollercoaster locked its wheels. “BROKEN!”
“BROKEN! NO NO- this cannot be broken” I said frantically.
Every little effort love tried to do it’s to no avail. EPIC FAIL.

“I can be calm and relaxed because I am with you, Joan”

Then, right in that moment was when I met Love. Our love story started. It felt out of a fairytale. I even forgot I was in a rollercoaster and had to get back to my sister.

You mean, your friend”
Okay well, we’ll get off soon. Don’t worry”.
What if we don’t. You know there are bad people out there.”

Meanwhile, Tracey and this stranger walked around – Joan could spot them from the coaster. “Who’s that guy she’s with?”
“AHHHH!!!” Tracey screamed at the touch of the stranger who had his hand up her skirt and a tight grip on her.
Will joan ever get off the rollercoaster?

About the Author:

Jannai Calderon is 27 year old, enrolled in Full Sail University for creative writing for Entertainment. Writing has been her passion since she was in middle school. That passion grew in intensity when her high school teacher saw that her talent for storytelling was one of kind and it was then when she had the determination to make a name for herself as a published author and in dreams of one day a best book seller! Well..she’s well on her way.