by Ambrose Gibbs 

The shallow earth to live for what life is worth, for the birth of a child in this wild society full of poverty to be shallow on the roads of anxiety to never have a chance to breathe the night of thieves with false beliefs to see an opportunity to speak for unwanted words to seek for what life means to be lost in a cause for an unwanted clause for a moment to pause to see life as it rides into the night for a fight in life to internalize the mind in time for the shallow hollow road to go for an religion a world of superstition to be in a position for the journey of an expedition to become a life long mission.

The shallow life of the man in the night to roll over like a storm of light, the eagerness to believe in this world of tragedies the lost motive of human anatomy for the astronomy of space race a life on planet earth to face havoc with grace, the fusion of a confusion lost in a illusion the constitution of political hypocritical politicians the political musicians in a world of attrition the conditions to fall under hate the lost fate of the shallow souls the foul smell of a person in jail, the amount of this worlds hell to land on god shoulders for the brave heart of soldiers.

The shallow light of the moon for love to come soon to float in life like a balloon the legion of doom to go out in life with a big boom, the myth of a witches broom as fast as time goes for the zoom of war hero’s to die inside for the lost of pride and dignity for lost responsibility the agility of life struggles to learn how to hustle for the bubble to burst with a curse to live is to die first for the good and the worst.

The shallow of the dark a killer in the park, the motion to dart away from pain to ruin the heart in life to be smart from the first start of life in the dark, to find the light at night for the spirits to be right for lost love can be united despited the wrong to be right the visions of a super life thru the night for the shallow roads are hollow, a life that’s a hard peel to swollow for a road that’s shallow and hollow.