M Charactered

And in the glare Mu Cephei roils

As if to dare armed craft to draw near

Or to deter steel souls from rare risk

Which is the high dream I Kalki chose

So now I boost thrust hard and arc close

And soon the Class M stellar red disk

Becomes a vast fire pearl with no peer

Reward and long sought prize for the loyal.

And I reflect on seeing those flares

That though my sign is always the K

The star has caught my character’s fire

In its regalia blazing a chart

From spiral arm to galaxy heart

A racemate’s flame that burns ever higher

Throughout all space, the infinite way

Throughout all time, an infinite prayer.

Now periastron grants the recoil

The slingshot path we need, so we veer

Each fierce arch of garnet and rose

Bestowing heat as dharma and kiss

And our return to team base is brisk

While the photonic current still blows

And to all men my name is revered

The Delta K exalted and royal.

The Red Sky Crystal

Yesterday’s menace awaits fate

Waits for the crystal’s approach

Scarlet as garnet and old scars

Tasked to bring freedom at last

Facetted high in the night sky

Facetted far above clefts

Summoning horrors to hard death

Death for that threat from the stars.

Thousands of years have elapsed now

Now I return as Kalki

Sixteen and wild as a quasar

Crested with Delta and K

Galaxies flare at my first glance

Galaxies shatter and fade

Fade to a chaos of lost thought

Thought that explodes from afar.

Roseate prism of hot wrath

Wrathful oracle of awe

Red as a laser to burn foes

Claret its searing display

Gaze with acclaim from the shadows 

Gaze with increasing assent

Know that all pleas are a faint cry

Know that that quartz is no rose.

Racing the Supernova

Engines idling, I check the crew

Neutrino flux and the port view

And then with a wild joy I start our glide

And all my craft’s dials exalt the tide

The light a gilt blade, the sword’s hilt

Which at my command cleaves space in two.

Thrust increases to seven g’s

I think of metals, the gold sea

That is the obscure supernova core

Beyond the rays’ edge, the Kalide door

Serenely tossed, surging heat lost

As within it sets hot neutrons free.

Beams like kyanite crystals blaze

The sky an aquamarine haze

And it is the blueshift which fires our will

Away from star blasts, the ion spill

Accrued by fierce suns of Type II

And so we proceed on, spirits raised.

Danger passing I check the gauge

That warns of plasma, the star’s rage

Which isn’t a threat now that I Kalki

Have as a grand plan to roam carefree

To heed the storm’s course with each deed

Within my elite fleet, every stage.

Selves’ Azon

Argon lasers primed, I relax and feel that thrill

Soon my beams will guide azon might to all those rocks

Agon tiffs between asteroids and regal will:

Stellar lanes will flare, gifting distant worlds the shock!

Orange starshells blaze, sensors show the zone I’ve earned

Passage smashed through dust, farness’ glass reveals the way

Distant suns and men beckon now, and they have learned

Praise is due to those blessed to raise the sign of K.

Solar System snarls angle wide compared to these

Frozen goals were far fragments dashed on rifts so wide

Months would pass, or more, gashing gulfs in wildness’ seas

Triumph surged as I angered fate and rode the tide.

May my other selves, Tower-far, be just as proud!

I am Prime in space, One in time, but they are kin

Sons who strode from bright Sagittarius, unbowed

Sometimes great we fuse, then we split; always I win.

Vishnu’s son I wait patiently for space to clear.

Every blast a flag, topaz-hot, proclaims my gain.

Recollections pause far from me at thoughts of pain:

Shiva’s son, I sear; soon I’ll soar. I feel no fear.

Tower Driverzone

Our craft heeds the Tower, prime node rising central

White finned before the Door, hero’s Tor

Vast cold cloud pleroma, moonstone-blue environ

Pale wisps hail the perished; frozen lives propel us

Cast down souls’ bestowal, each name now forgotten.

Praise the river’s dark-veined plumes, our cadence!

Praise the desire driving us to seek!

Praise the ruling diagonal sequence!

Gatemen of the great K our ships soar on the teal sea

Tau warriors owed phlogiston, being’s azure roof

Zone won on the tide, ferried ranks vizored from bad signs

As now and through all time we chant mantras of wild youth

Firethorns of the last age and God, infinite Kalki.

Daniel King: I am an Australian same-sex oriented writer, with a strong interest in Hinduism (particularly pertaining to Kalki, the 10th and final avatar of Vishnu, the Preserver, incarnating now and forever together with Shiva, the Destroyer), mysticism in general, and astronomy. As a surfer, I am also strongly influenced by marine imagery.