The moment of thunder
The moment of thunder to wonder and ponder about what’s down yonder, the river of a dream
for the moment of gleam down a stream of means, for life is pure to be sure for a destiny to
allure. The moment of thunder when it rain pain from above for love to be greater than what love
was, a chip off the block in a flock of birds flying across the skies of life, the angels inside of
humanity for the sanity of love to live above is right a flight thru the night despite what to not like
for what to love. Standing alone in the dark for light to come for some days of prayer a layer of
biblical meanings to come in sums the nones of ones to come,the silence of the night violence,
to comprehend a trend of things to amend to fend off bad vibes in the moment of thunder. The
eyes of blight to be bright in a fight with life meaning singing a song of hems for them the light of
angels from all angels the stranger the darker the light of the art of living for the giving of grace
for a trace of empathy to feel sympathy. To look inside the confusion of an illusion the pollution
of a bad advocate to be follow on hollow ground, the sound of a wave crashing into town the
frown from a unhappy clown this is how life sounds to stay inbounds, the saten of a sheek that’s
bleak to seek justice inside of pride the destiny of an unquoted mission the superstition of a
premonition the life of thunder to go down under a bridge of love like the beautiful doves that
flies above for the nature of god to live inside us for him we trust to live life then turn into dust.
The moment of thunder to be monumental to be mentally strong to come along a battle of
emotions inside, the ride of life the time of the night, a plight of situations for the configuration of
life itself to melt with feelings the healing of humanity with life hanging under a belt, the wonder
of the moment of thunder.

Ambrose Gibbs: I just finished my poetry book benevolent skies it will be released next year I also write songs as song a song writer, I am an actor, stand up comedian.