Death by Arsenic
You heard them say death by Arsenic
Dreaming of Candy Corn lanky simpleton
One Two Three sillies Arithmetic
Her never things list high
Irishman’s new bed his Coffin Palace
Invented a lovely briber horrify
She died Must be dammed unpleasant pie
Ardent black opal Chalice

Church Brick
Eulogy behind a stack of Church Brick
Overhead a double shears clipping sun
An open Coffin to lay that’s Poet’s skeleton
A Beaver chewing on a green stick
She dreamt of death by Arsenic
Dreaming of March not July lanky simpleton
Firth things don’t add-up sillies Arithmetic
Her last thing always came first

Fallen Socks
Tripping over her fallen socks
Old customer burning with fever of pox
Hearse road clad in mourning letch
Bride’s noble to noble wrinkle
Left field waiting for a ball to catch
Palmed painted was a charming twinkle
Climbing Lych-gate her ball fetch
Stopping at Tram Tracks to tinkle

After the Decay
Dumpster for Wreaths after the decay
Why am sitting on some hard sided box?
In the distance horse’s hoofs skipping on rocks
She watched me through the window bay
Too sad for yesterday’s Bouquet
Wise child who hides her own Fox
Her ankles covered with fallen socks
Sneezing with fever of hay