by Aracelly P. Campo (a.k.a. Bones)

Legends of the heavens
Teach me the witchcraft of understanding
The Universe with a poetic verse
In the mystic arms of nature
I shall journey to an Eden of harmony and magical beginnings
My birth will evolve in swirls of anticipation and taste the power of the Titans
Fairy tales and unicorns will bring me back to the child I once was
Allow my essence to roam among the beasts of the earth
Do not let evil swallow me whole
Ideals I seek to keep on the surface of my skin
Spin me around in a sphere of magical spells
With the roots of my feet penetrating the ground
Linked to all beings yet separate by my particular form
Ecstasy and pain are opposites but the same
The range which I taste the cruelty and kindness of life’s game
Fearing not their contrasting elements
For they interpret but they do not define what lies behind


Only in the souls of human beings
Can we see the displacement of sanity
Through its basic level of insanity
From this perspective
Which presents itself
Like an odd shaped sphere
Almost perfect
But not quite right
In its travel along a plane
Like the planets
With their enormous voids between them
So is the human mind
Disconnected and distorted
In its loneliness

Drown your creative powers in ancient gowns of gold
And enter the trip with a grip on reality
Find sanctuary in the hallucinations of artificial stimulation
And explore the barriers of your subconscious
To obtain the tangible presence that hides within the senses of logic and rules
Pools of water wash the essence of authority, but only a minority
Partake in the feast of the lyrical beast that is never unleashed
Siege, by dictators, our minds they imprison in a jail that has no reason to exist
Crucifix of a serpent’s curse
Hearse of death comes only when your soul is lonely
Do not hide your pain shower yourself with drops of cool rain
Remember life is not a game to be lost for it is the host of this masquerade
Waltzes of hypocrisy play on
Ballrooms of marble opulent and kind
Never lie about the emotions we need to seek
Walking sticks among the soil we resemble
Yet we never assemble to cure the sickness we conjure
Luring the night that is coming to walk with you
Through the groove of a funky mood
That only absence of purity can provide a place to hide
Depravity of creation a strange function
That only the spiritual world can devise

Aracelly P. Campo, a.k.a Bones grew up in Miami Florida. An avid reader, she started writing poetry at the age of nine. She writes in all types of poetic forms, but has a special preference for dark verse. She enjoys nurturing and collaborating with other poets and writers. She holds degrees in communication and business from Florida International University.  As she would describe it, She’s an explorer of darkness, the kind that lurks in our hearts and seeps through the crack of our numbness.