You don’t want your desperation to show.
Neither do I. We already share something that runs deep.
We have a foundation
on which to build our Palace of Joy.

Saying Sorry

Under the right circumstances
I could, in theory, be sorry.
And from that unlikely state of being sorry
I might possibly, but probably not,
issue, through my press agent, a sincere apology.

Equality Equals Freedom

The Slaughterbot needs love too.
Don’t laugh.
Don’t you dare.
Love is love—and your need
is no greater than the Slaughterbot’s.


It won’t ever come to it.
But if it does, you’d sell me out.
And I’d sell you out.
That’s just how it is. No question.

I Was in a Funny Mood

If it’s all the same to you,
I’d rather not talk about it.
Just forget it.
Yes, of course, I still love you.
Don’t you believe me?

David Romanda lives in Kawasaki City, Japan. His work has appeared in Ambit Magazine, Magma, The Moth, Poetry Ireland Review, and Popshot Quarterly.