Deep in the thick of darkness
Of the darkest night
Stars laboring to shine
Even through the veil of blackness
The moon merely a sliver of light
Not strong enough to illuminate
The path
Of the lonely figures below

And then,
Somewhere between the horizon and the future
Faint at first
But then
Growing stronger
The tiniest strip
Of hope
In the form
Of light
Of sunrise
Slowly expanding
Filling fields of vision
Washing light
Over the lonely figures below

Slowly, the colours creep
Into the sky
Yet welcomed
Each going about their business
Orange setting the line
Between the world and the sky
On fire
Pink slowly turning the clouds
To puffs of cotton candy
Sweet on carnival night
Purple swells
Proudly puffing its chest
To fill the entire sky
As all the shades in between
Drift in chaotic unison
Wandering the sky
Putting on a spectacle
For the lonely figures below

The song of dawn
Sings the song
Of hope
The sky draped
In the colours
Of a new day
Vying to be brighter
Than the last
The sunrise is a pledge
From today,
Promising to be better
Than yesterday.

The song of dawn sings
And the music fills the ears
Of the lonely figures below
The sky brightens
And the colours fill the faces
Of the lonely figures below
And suddenly,
They are not so lonely

The Day I Learnt to Dance

Dancing in the dying light
Of day
Twirling under the rising moon
Finding love I didn’t know
Was there
Bare feet grazing
Green grass
The sky coloured in shades
That never quite belonged
Clutching empty plastic cups
I like to pretend I’m a sophisticated drinker
Not a little girl drinking water
But maybe-
We’re both drunk on love
Sweating in the shadow
Of a walnut tree
Dancing to the tunes of your childhood
Find your memories
As I make mine
Tripping over plastic chairs
Laughing as I
Step on your toes
Hair in messy buns
Lone strands clinging to our necks
Reciting poetry
By long forgotten Spanish poets
Words never sounded
So melodious

I love you
Why is the moon so white,
The world so beautiful?
Maybe it’s the filter
The veil of love
Clouding my vision

The sun gives in to the moon
Music becomes poetry
And my resentment
Eclipsed by love
Today is the day
I find the love
That matters.

Death Of a Star, Too Quiet to Be Called a Supernova

There was a moment
In which you stood
In front of me
So close I could see
The stars in your eyes
A whole infinite galaxy
Of swirling nebulas and sparkling suns
Constellations telling the stories
Of distant loves who fled
Into the sky
Astral bodies dancing
In the bottomless pit
Of your gaze
In that brief moment
With you
I was
Whole again
Broken pieces magically brought
Back together
But then you whispered
The words like particles of stardust
Floating in the void
Left when you
Slipped away
Back into a universe
Taking with you
The light of the stars
So that my world
Is plunged
In darkness
Once more

Onomatopoeias of a Nightmare

Clop, clop, clop
Growing nearer
Rumble, rumble
Ground shaking
Nightmare here
Clink, clink, clink
Dark rider
Not a knight
In a shining armour
Neigh, neigh
Nightmare rearing
Whoa, whoa
Rider calming
Whoosh, woosh
Blood in my ears
Thump, thump
Heartbeat quickened
Crack, crack
Bones breaking
Clop, clop, clop
Nightmare leaving
Sudden quiet
The sound of a
Broken dreamer

Sofia Lemay lives in the careful balance between school and writing, scrawling poems on the back of her math notes. She has an obsession with inspirational quotes and hoards notebooks like there’s no tomorrow. Sofia lives in Canada with her family and her dog, Toto.