My Phone Died

This silence makes me confront
the thoughts I’ve tried to repress
with an assembly line of
voices and videos.

My Longest Relationship

My longest relationship is with myself.
To keep the love alive, I need to ask:
Are my heart and mind
regularly communicating?
Am I taking care of the body
that works so hard?
Am I investing in quality time
with my soul?
Am I forgiving myself
for past mistakes?
Am I making plans
for tomorrow and beyond?
There is so much history here.
I don’t want to break up.

A Blessing

Close your eyes.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Open your eyes.
You just experienced
a blessing.


Her good deeds shone
from the depths of her heart
as if she was made of fireflies,
lighting the way for others
in the dark.


Hazy streetlights at dawn
The sound of crickets and cicadas
Permeate the otherwise quiet lane
A lone figure is walking
A calm and steady gait
She stops to admire the sunflowers
Then looks up at the lightening sky
The trees nod hello
While the fog waves goodbye

Dayna Lellis is a New York City math teacher who likes to bake, hike, read, and write. Several of her poems were previously published by Adelaide Magazine. To learn more about her writing, visit