We feel a temporary sense of immortality when we are taking a trip, especially when we are on a train, looking at the landscapes from our window, or when we walk in the streets that we have never seen before. Traveling means being in constant arousal. Nothing is more seductive than letting ourselves go into the depths of endless roads.

When we are living in a world of repetition, we start to feel disturbed by our conformity. It is hard for us to move away from our comfort zones. Because it is always hard to build a sustainable life in which we don’t get interrupted constantly by external factors we can’t control. We created our comfort zones in order to minimize the interruption of external factors. And when you tell a person that they should get out of their comfort zone, this also means “You should abandon your autonomy”. Comfort zones are our constructed autonomys. They work as life insurance for us. There is nothing worse than being constantly distracted by other people’s lives. So that we build walls, restrict others and our freedom in the name of “Protection and personal space”.

 Chains do not come from the sky, they come from the fear which occupies our thoughts and our need for protection.

Even though sticking to our comfort zones is pretty understandable, it shouldn’t be our excuse to not to achieve our full potential.

Either we are going to live like we are in our nineties when we are in our twenties or we live like we are in our twenties when we are in our nineties.

 Either be mentally old at a young age by staying in your comfort zone or stay mentally young when you are old by getting out of your comfort zone. The choice is yours.

Taking a journey means leaving your comfort zone temporarily. But being a real traveler means also permanently leaving your protected property. Are you ready to lose everything to gain everything?