A blank page was staring straight into Phoebe’s soul. She had opened her laptop, creating a new document to write in. At first, she thought it was going to be easy, but ten minutes had passed by, and her fingers hadn’t even touched the keyboard once. Her mind was completely blank, and no ideas ever passed through it. The girl tapped her fingers on the surface of her desk, hoping that in just a few minutes she would have an epiphany. She had a deadline to meet, and so far, no ideas had surfaced as she desperately thought about what to write. She was willing to write about anything. No matter how simple, dumb, or bizarre it may be.

Phoebe picked up a book, hoping that it would inspire her in some way. Her fingers traced the words in the first sentence, but she couldn’t concentrate. The girl slammed the book closed; frustration written all over her face as she placed the book back in its designated place. She looked out the window, the sun beaming into her room, providing her with some warmth.

As the girl took in the view, she could see the cars driving through the busy street. The sounds of the vehicles racing through the pavement were not helping with her current predicament. She needed complete silence, but she knew that her wish wasn’t going to be granted.

Phoebe glanced around the room, shifting her vision from the closet to various action figures that sat on top of two shelves. She felt as if they were judging her saying, “Why can’t you write anything? Have you suddenly lost the ability to think?”

Phoebe’s dog seemed to have made its way into her room because it scratched her leg, breaking her away from her thoughts. She picked it up and placed it on her lap. The girl took a deep breath, taking in the cold air that circulated through the house. She stroked her dog for some time until she decided to grab a blanket. Maybe, just maybe if she got comfortable, she would be able to think straight.

Boy was she wrong. Nothing changed, now Phoebe was just comfy with the same state of mind. While she was grabbing a blanket, she placed her dog on the ground, and it left without a care in the world. At that moment, Phoebe wished she had her dog’s mind, seeing as it had no stress that flooded its thoughts.

That’s when she realized she forgot to pray. Phoebe always prayed before starting any work, but this time it completely slipped her mind. She had faith that God would inspire her like He always does. After she culminated her prayer, the girl felt at peace. Phoebe knew that He would help her in her time of need. A few minutes went by, and an idea came rushing through the girl’s mind. Why not write about the process that I have experienced while completing this piece of flash fiction, she thought.And that’s exactly what she did. Once she finished, Phoebe picked up her phone and checked the time. A smile formed on her lips as she was proud to know that she had finished her work within the hour.


María Fernanda Sifre was born and raised Puerto Rico. She spends her days reading and writing. Follow her on Instagram @maria._.fernanda2004.