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By Anwer Ghani 

The SunsetMy hand is so hot like the soul of the sunset. It has burnt our hearts with its passion, so you can’t see here but the flowers. It comes with its reviving breeze to open our small doors, but I am the blindness’s son know nothing about its orange.

The TwilightI like the twilight. It fills my lung with rebels’ breaths and flies my dreams on the freedom’s wings. I emerge from its’ waves as a butterfly and disappear in its amazing colors as a magic land. At that moment, there will be no space for yellow words on my lip.

A Colored EveningOur dreams have a colored evening, which refreshes our hearts as a smiling girl. We liked its whispers, but when its letters take their real shapes, there is nothing but blind trees. We are the marginal, know nothing about the evening’s breeze and all what we know is a constant attempt to catch the small remnants of this wide world.     anwer ghani About the Author:

Anwar Gheni Jaber, the pen name “Anwer Ghani”, is an Iraqi poet and writer. He was born in 1973 in Alhilla city. His name has appeared in Peacock, Otoliths, “Algebra of Owls”, “The “Year of the Poet” and Tajdeed. Anwer Ghani is the founder of “Expressive Narrative’s Group” and the chief editor of “Arcs” an expressive narrative’s magazine.  He had, in Arabic, forty books in poetry, literature, and religious sciences. Here is his website;