By Emily Eigenheer

I Am My Own Army

My name is not singular,
It is not a single entity,
Rather a collection of names that have been acquired over time.
I come from two very different people,
The wolf and the lamb.
I am strong,
I am my own army.

I love the funky old rhythms of the 60’s,
And the feeling of animals’ fur as it brushes against my skin.
I used to think that conformity was the way to success,
And that unique wasn’t unique,
And being weird was undesirable.
Now I realize conformity breeds contempt,
Even more so than familiarity.
I know now that I am me,
And there will never be another me,
Because I am my own army.

I was told that being a nerd was not a bad thing,
And that my last name was more than an unpronounceable jumble of letters.
I discovered that Eigenheer actually means something,
I discovered that it meant ‘own army’.

I am a scorpion,
But a lion lives inside me.
My sting can be deadly,
But it is always well-deserved.
I am strong both mentally and physically,
I am not afraid to speak my views nor to argue with the views of others.
I have deep brown eyes that hide a tornado of thoughts,
But I live in the eye of the storm.

If my hands could talk,
They would say feel everything.
Let it all in and hold nothing back.
Touch the plants and animals that surround you,
Run your fingers over the skin of the people you love,
And realize that your hands belong to you and no one else.

My forehead reads own army,
And my heart is fueled by a raging fire.
That fire fuels the war brewing inside of me,
Struggles versus remedies,
Society versus Individuality,
Me versus Them.

It doesn’t matter the battle,
Nor the two combatants,
All that matters is that one of them is me,
Fighting for myself and no one else,
Because I am my own army.

We Can Make A Difference

I can make a difference,
But so can you.
We can travel the world,
There’s so much to do.

World hunger and sickness,
Instead of love and picnics.
War and violence,
Why has peace been silenced?

I can make a difference,
One step at a time.
Start small and end large,
Maybe one day I’ll be in charge.

You can make a difference,
Just like me,
The world can make sense,
We can set it free. 

If you’re ever feeling down,
And think the world is devoid of common sense,
Remember these words:
We can make difference.

But How?
I’ll start with random compliments,
Because positivity is so hard to come by.
A little kindness and confidence,
Just might keep our hopes alive.

Once I go to college,
And my adult life finally starts,
I’ll soak up all the knowledge,
And use it to cure broken hearts.

Nursing is my future,
Helping people will be my job.
Assisting in sewing sutures,
And holding the loved ones who sob.

I can and will make a difference,
I promise to continue to glow,
And to spread and cultivate benevolence,
Everywhere I go.

Who Am I?

I am the sexy one,
The mysterious anomaly.
People say that from my problems I run,
But I have by far the best apologies.

I was born stubborn,
And to this day won’t budge,
It seems I’ve fallen into a pattern
Of never giving up a grudge.

Have you figured it out yet?
Which one I am,
Of the twelve signs we know of,
Am I the wolf or the lamb?

Maybe I’m Aries,
I’m certainly stubborn enough.
But what about Pisces?
My intense feelings aren’t just a bluff.

Pluto rules me,
Alongside Mars.
And to a certain degree,
They’re the reason I’m bizarre.

I carry a sting,
But don’t be frightened,
None who are undeserving,
Receive my painful stipend. 

I’ll leave you now to figure it out,
But I think by now,
There is no doubt.
What am I?

About the Author:

emily e

Emily Eigenheer is a newly graduated high school senior who is planning to attend American River College in the fall. After obtaining an Associate’s Degree in General Sciences, she plans to attend nursing school in San Francisco to later become a pediatric nurse practitioner. She presently writes poetry recreationally, but hopes to eventually develop writing into a professional hobby.