By Charles Dutka 

Cafe’ in a Basement

This green tea
tastes like cadmium
or is it stardust
and raspberries?

Its glass container the texture
of music
and the color of
runic magic
performed on a stage
of frozen salt.

It was the temperature of that bluish light
from the lamppost between contentment
and elation. And it had the weight
of unformed rain, inside a cloud.
Or of a fly after a feast
of roaring shouts
and journal entries.

That is,
until Karen slammed the door.

My Notebook

Possible Poem:

Bayou swamp – harmonica
(in the distance)

Peep frogs – Spanish
moss. On the porch

wooden shack.
Night. Stars & Crickets

A lonely howl,

Untitled 2

my coat’s huddling
round the air inside it hang
from the hanger on my coat


About the Author:

Charles Dutka

Charles Dutka is a poet and writer who lives and works in Connecticut. He is currently assembling his first collection, Temporarily Fatal. His work has appeared in Dark Matter, Melancholy Hyperbole and The People’s Ink Typehouse Magazine. Charles has been writing daily since high school and enjoys drawing inspiration from his job as the Operations Manager for a local health food store. You can see more of his work at his website: