By David Heath 

Jackie Jacobs, helping sort and organize clothing items donated for the church rummage sale, came across a woman’s tangerine linen jacket just like the one her friend Maggie had worn when they attended the symphony last month. As she held it to the light to check it over, she noticed something in one of the pockets. Reaching inside, she retrieved two used symphony tickets and a folded piece of paper.

Throwing the tickets in the trash she unfolded the paper. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was a suicide note written, dated and signed by her friend Maggie over a month ago…but Maggie was still alive. Jackie knew she had been going through a lot of depression with the divorce but lately she seemed to be happily adjusted. Being the inquisitive person she is, Jackie decided to give the note back to Maggie and perhaps see if she could prevent something terrible from happening.

She found Maggie at home enjoying a Danish and some coffee. “Hey there! Just thought I’d drop by and see how you’re doing.”

“What a surprise. You want some coffee and a Danish?” Maggie offered as she opened the door inviting her in. “Aren’t you supposed to be getting things ready for the rummage sale this weekend?”

“Well yes and that’s why I’m here,” Jackie said following her to the kitchen table.

“Oh sweet Jesus honey, I already donated,” Maggie said sitting her coffee and Danish down.

“I know, but I found something I think we should talk about because I’m your best friend,” she continued as she handed the note to Maggie.

“Oh Lord! Where did you find this? I thought I had thrown it in the trash,” she said clutching the imaginary pearls at her throat.

“In that linen jacket you donated, but what I want to know is why you wrote it?” Jackie said.

 “I was dangerously depressed with that bastard husband of mine running off with his young secretary and filing for a divorce. But things have changed,” she smiled.

“So…no suicide – Right?

“Why the hell would I to do that?” Maggie said wrinkling her brow.

“I don’t know…you tell me.” Jackie put her hands in the air.

“Can you keep a secret for a week?”

“Holy shit! You know I’m the worst gossip in the neighborhood, and you ask me to keep a secret?” Jackie smirked.

“You’ll have to swear a blood oath.”

“You’re joking!” Jackie exclaimed.

“No. I’m dead serious – pardon the pun,” said Maggie.

“Ok – for one week only…but please don’t use that term…dead.”

Pricking their fingers and pressing them together Jackie swore her oath.

A smile spread across Maggie’s face as she looked around, “I won the lottery.”

“You’re joking,” screamed Jackie.

“Lord! Will you stop repeating that phrase and listen to me? My divorce is final in three days. After that I can claim my winnings and the lawyer says Bozo can’t touch a penny of it.”

“How much did you win?” Jackie whispered.

“$324 million dollars.” Jackie grabbed the table with both hands.

Maggie smiled. “It’s the jack-pot power ball ticket…and next month we’re going shopping.”

“You’re joking!” Jackie squealed. Maggie held up her finger to Jackie.

“Ooops…sorry about that. Shopping where?” she whispered.

“Paris, France honey – and while we’re there we’ll pop down to Italy for a cappuccino. I’ve always wanted to visit Rome.”

About the Author:

David Heath

At the age of 75, David Heath is currently enjoying life as a writer in the tropics of the Yucatan along with John, his life-partner of 48 years. Originally from Ft. Worth, Texas, David worked as a lifeguard, a Latin dance instructor, an interior designer, and a private secretary before moving to Los Angles, where he sold real estate, wrote music, did some fashion modeling and founded his own visual merchandising company. For twenty years, David & John owned and operated the Rancho de San Juan Country Inn and Restaurant northwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they were honored with numerous awards in the hospitality industry. Having traveled most of Europe, the continental United States and Canada, David is busy writing, poetry, mysteries and a memoir titled Adventures in Life. His recent published works include:  Tales from a Country Inn – The Rancho de San Juan Story. The D.G. Heath – Mystery Collection (Double Martini – Web of Intrigue & Codes and Confessions). David is currently writing – D.G. Heath – Mystery Collection – Book Two (Vortex – Casting Shadows & Blood Moon). Fiction, fantasy and mystery are his tools.