By Victoria Randall


red artillery aims to inflame injury
white walls raise to slay diseases
too diffuse to destroy
an air light feeling first
that later weighs all the water down
burdening one pound per bead
of morbid sweat
its stench brings birds
circling and singing of evening meals
comprised of the motionless laying,
looking lively to us
but rotting resolve
for carrion fowl were thought as songbirds
and death rattle as long-lost chatter
the bodies swelled
cysts in imagination
the only trace being neon streams
of chemicals in acronym machines
they attempted flight
but succeeded falling


tragedy is an earthquake, or a bomb
the explosion’s excitement passes away
our calamity considered over in the quiet
but the shockwave shunt caught us off guard
we burned again in the wall after the pillar
flood after fire, strong enough to hit
deep in the gut and beneath the belt
the next mourning could sweep us away

About the Author:

Victoria Randall

Victoria Randall is a student at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She will graduate with her Bachelor’s in Psychology this May. Victoria has a passion for both psychology and creativity. She seeks to devote her career towards blending the two, especially through reading and creative writing, for the enrichment and empowerment of her community. Some other works Victoria has written will appear in the upcoming publication of Sigma Tau Delta’s Rectangle.