by Manuel Madera

A Follower OF Desolation

There is not much
I do when I think
Of the birches
Resting in the woods.

Once in a while
The breeze whistles
At the breaking dawn,
Whilst I am silent.

I think very little
Of the colliding stars,
Although I am charmed
By their lulling laughter.

There, in solitude,
Composed by melancholy
And accompanied by oblivion,
I enjoy the pacing sight.

As I swim astray,
Much is left to evaporate.
Alone, that is who I was,
That is who I shall be.


As the forenoon approaches,
I imagine a globed nectarine
Resting on my creased hands.

Her reddish, shaved skin,
Motionless, falling asleep,
Beautifully nescient.

Kind berceuse, sung,
For an unselfish
And noble benefit.

The nectarine has now
Evolved for
An opulent purpose.

The Burgundy Castle Is Not What It Seems

The windows are cajoled
At the brush of the pearls
Sniveled by the ether.

The mistress, meanwhile,
Sets vermilion flowers
At the center of the table.

Silences gathers for
A fallen saint
In the form of a man.

The chandelier swung
Candidly for his gallantry,
But trivial it had been.

All He could feel was
A ghostly apparition
Awaiting some reward.

Would the King maim
His only friend,
The deceptive loneliness?

For reasons far beyond
Mortal apprehension,
His greatest enemy was his greatest friend.


Roll the stout cigars—
Feast on them
Unto daybreak.

The bourbon dances
On the shelf,
Exposing his age.

The boys have guzzled
‘Til the last drop
Decides to dawdle—

Letters smoldering atop
A lifeless stove
And restless ashes.

A finale approaches
As the visitors
Tire themselves out.

The cigar puffs a final breath,
Clutches its arms,
And rides away, as if it never came.

About the Author:

manuel madera

Manuel Madera is a full-time student currently residing in Texas, pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering. His love for prose and poetry has allowed him to explore the depths of his emotions and his creativity, smothering paper with melancholic and jovial words. He is currently working on numerous long-term projects and preparing for a poetic future.