by Fabrice Poussin


A soul floats gently below the thin surface
of pearly satin to find its way through a network
of highways to life animated with soft stars
rings and strings a giant canvas her image.

Her senses awake to complete perceptions
she lives the most intense existence within
but she longs for contact with the other
prisoner of her divine infinite fortress.

A subtle door, gaping to treasures of luminance
tender as her every thought, she hesitates
of the strength of universes, fragility of her bones
what will remain when she opens the flood gates.

All is harmony within, must she risk ultimate chaos
welcome that which is so foreign to her peace
to fulfill the promise of a prolonged existence
receive the ailment common to all humanity?

Her spirit will embrace the visitor in his simple apparel
like a newborn nourish him so he may survive
offer what she is for all times, ask for his sacrifice too
so inside the body, they become highest contentment. 

Feeding the monsters

Imagine cutting through the trap of that aching cage
ripping skin and bone to take out the rusty machine
to softly place it on the tray, so desired by the ravenous one.

Offer the warm mass still titillating to the kind hands
and let them hold it near the loving lips.

Let them massage the past pains with warm palms
gentle providers of life as she gives so compassionate a gaze.

Close those eyes to a present made of many perils
so you may feel her as she touches your very life within.

There is no need to keep the flesh inside the ivory prison
safety does not come from the privacy of those cold walls
it is time indeed to feed it to the world hungry for a respite.

Risk it all in the ultimate meekness of the humble lamb
lower your glance to await the penalty for innocence
and come to life through the gift of elegant suffering.

Finger prints on another light

What might remain in a distant future
of the delicate touch upon my door
volatile finger prints taken by a breeze at dusk.

Footsteps light as those of a gleeful doe
mindful of dangers in the uncertain forest
she glides to the outside on a pathway to safety.

Furtive the fragile apparition may vanish
when a call goes to catch a glimpse of a gaze
precious to capture the sole moment for tomorrow.

The flash in deep complicity an eternal treasure
is the conduit to her smiling soul, wink to the Universe
he cherishes the visitation and lives on. 

About the Author:


Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and dozens of other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review and more than 300 other publications.