by Thad Elmore

Beyond the fence

I keep a garden out back just beyond the fence
If you stand on a chair
you can see it without going there
The sun is just right
the soil is dark and rich
full of worms
I keep a garden outback just beyond the fence
There are stories behind everything I plant behind everything I harvest
what I let go to seed
There is so little work to do beyond the fence
I let the ghosts pick the weeds and turn the dark rich soil
I only plant what does not die with frost
When in the darkness I look out to see my plants
The ghosts and plants wave and call  
opening the gate for me                                            
ghosts talk of the garden as if it were theirs
I keep a garden out back beyond the fence
One can lose themselves in my garden
I rarely go there the path is far too long
far too steep
And I can see it just fine from here

Across My Brow

I have seen
warriors dance on hilltops
I have seen the dark mass
of dreams hide behind
sleeping flowers
I have let sleep soft maidens
run passion across my brow
And from lips came hidden words
and from green to gold
the value of flowers shine true
I have let crickets
gather around my doorstep
And given to chance
that passion has its warriors
sleeping on HILLTOPS

About the Author:


Thad D. Elmore lives in Washington State and has returned to writing after a thirty-year hiatus. Currently volunteers with the IFRC and American Red Cross in Disaster Assesment and is active in environmental issues worldwide.  Any free time is occupied by sailing, hiking and traveling every and anywhere.