by Endika Sangroniz     AMUSING MY MUSEMy muse stepped on the Earth and faced mortality
Since then, she is the icon of feminine freedom
An iconoclast from head to toe
She calls the shots, she soaks my words
Plus, she didn’t come to please anybody but herself
Whenever she wants me, she takes me
She is the antithesis of romanticism
And I love that, to say the least.    GIVE ME A SECONDRaise your chin and look at me
Look at me and hypnotise me
What do you do young pale-sapphire-eyed
glancing directly into a stranger’s void?The sun elevates your beauty as a best friend
In this crowded life, won’t I see you again
The picture you left me is out of focusI’d rather not live fast to admire you more
My memory is sore, you are a heavy loss
Whoever you are.   HOURGLASSI almost don’t wake up this noon
It seems far away nowAfter an astral trip I have realised
that there won’t be any night
in which she will shine for me
I’m horrified by the idea of not getting to sleep with her
That is a truth of mineI would like to study
her intricate philosophy
as well as the anatomy
of her ripe bodyI still trust the éphémère
I ignore if she does too
Moving on is unconceivable
Her remembrance stalks me
like a ghost I have bred
How did all start? Does she know?
Because I can’t recall“You are out of time
Forget her, for your own good”.    About the Author:Endika Sangroniz was born on the first day of spring 1997 in Bilbao. Early on, he got introduced to the arts by music, building then an interest in literature; mainly poetry. Currently, he is a musician that has no audience and has recorded twenty-two songs that someday will see the daylight. Besides, he is about to finish a collection of poems to be published, where the three sent poems have been taken from.