by David Boyer  Haiku Between the Earth and the Starsmilk splash in coffee the weather report for Jupiterforest at dawn when she lied like a kaleidoscopeto be as many bodies
as there are
verbs in the starslater little moons your fingernails left in my palmmy skin stretches to meet itself over the ice caps
  Five Haiku at Nightcotton candy clouds to open my fist I whisper a wishFriday the breeze you worked so hard for asks for a separationwhat happened to all those UFOs Fox News I guessmid-autumn past midnight the train whistle won’t disappearmoonrise after the visitor leaves three white petals 
 Half-Dream Haikuin this adventure every gold coin breaks a toothsinks under the waves to point out the ruined templemoonflowers
that look
in the eye of my doublesearching for gods in the light of ice-covered treesand woke to the hiss of rain on the unfinished tomb             About the Author:Jesse Domingos