By Jhier Wells

Mind of a Boy

When I was a boy
summers were waves waiting
to carry me to the ocean’s center.
When I was a boy
summers were trees stretching out
its limbs for me to lie on.
When I was a boy
summers were sun rays kissing my skin.

I was a boy,
who longed to run the fields where
weeds shrunk themselves just so
I may know the sun’s light.
Yes, I was a boy,
who jumped over the cracks of the
sidewalks just so that I wouldn’t
disturb the roses that existed there.

I was a boy
who fell in love with
my idea of youth.
An idea that deepened
the moment my soul sat quietly
and admired the beauty of the star
rather than chase it.


“Fool in love,” said my soul to my heart,
“Indeed, you are easily led down a path
of vanity, towards a darkness that will  
swallow you whole, with no light left;”
And my heart cried unconsolably.

As I sat in front of Lisa, I watched the sun
kiss her brown sugar, honey skin,
while her lips reached to taste mines,
my heart buried a piece of the light it knew:
“I’ll find my way out, I have to!”

Soul of Fire

Her soul was pure fire.
People gathered around to
bring warmth when life had
become cold and dark. She
alone was their comfort.

When Hate Wins

the night’s been having a party
drinking the blood of the fallen
that has soaked the streets
while the stars cry

too scared to come out
the sun hides its face
and watch in terror as souls wander
the city in search of prey

as love pleads with hate to
stop getting high for just one second
so that the streets may be cleared
and the city can mourn

About the Author:

I am a poet, who is finally releasing my poetry for the world to read. I am devoted to changing lives through my writing by sharing my journey. My hope is to inspire young men, like my son, to do better for themselves. Past publishing credits include: Ink & Voices.