By Louise Lever


The blended-up shocking-pink skins
Of a handful of frozen cranberries from the USA mixed
With a frozen skinless banana dries
On the sides of my empty smoothie glass. The

Milk looks like sea foam, only it is strawberry blonde,
Pastel, with small geometric berry dots. From where
I sit, I can no longer see through the glass completely.
The reason I am sitting here in the mid-morning sun is

Because today is Saturday and I don’t have to go to
Work today. But this is the only day I wished it was
Still Thursday, because on Thursday I still had my job.
Because on Thursday, I didn’t know what being ‘let go’ felt like.

The lolly pink foam on the glass is time and I am the glass:
No longer functional enough to drink time out of, left,
Soaking in discards, clouded Kind Regards, skinless with pink insides,
No truthful explanation, only a summary of earnings.

I remember to take the unused tissues she gave me
Out of my back pockets before I wash my old work pants to stop the
Tissue letting go everywhere in the wash. There is the saying about the
Glass being half-full or half-empty based on your reflection.

A minor repair

The shampoo container feels lighter today as I
Take into account how much is left over to estimate how long it’s been

Since you left me while I was on holiday. I am amazed at how long the
Shampoo has lasted me. Although the conditioner

Ran out months ago. I don’t feel like my hair is any
Less shiny but I am embarrassed to look too much

Into the mirror. Every time I take a shower, water forms in big
Globules on the beige painted ceiling. The warm water falls from the

Shower head, but every few minutes an enlarged cool wet water drop
Falls down my back and I feel strangely in charge

To take my wrench, watch how-to YouTube videos in order to
Fix this minor repair that you would normally fix.

About the Author:

Louise Lever is a New Zealand artist and writer with an MFA from the University of Auckland. She is a current finalist in the National Contemporary Art Award 2018 and was selected for the first round of judging in the 2018 Arte Laguna Prize in Italy. Recent exhibitions include shows at Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington; Artspace, Auckland and Wharepuke Sculpture Park, Kerikeri. She has previously been published in Poetry New Zealand. Her research interests include examining the intersection of gender, sexuality, film and art history. Most of her work is orientated towards social change and seeks to challenge power disparities. Louise is currently developing a feature-length documentary film (about feminism) in Melbourne.