by Dominique Williams   Dream Park

In my tour of the vast and endless city of exquisite white marble and verdant green grass, I came upon a corner which led to a dead end. With my heart still working as hard as it could, I dared myself to venture further inside the alleyway. It was not bravery though, just curiosity to see this popular exhibition that I’d heard so much about. But soon I felt myself in a claustrophobic tunnel of horror and impending doom. Dared I look inside those displaced iron cradles of eternity and discover what I most feared? Would whatever was inside them grab at me and take me with it beyond what I could comprehend? I peeked out of the corner of my eye and was finally overwhelmed. I saw nothing but what I imagined and that was enough to turn back…if I were you.

But this is what I came here to see: the freak shows without the freaks, the street accident without the bodies, the long evaporated results of a final solution always handed down from above, no matter what anyone thinks. This is a sentence delegated to each one of us by birthright.

In between the clouds and a sunlit sky sat several souls on stone benches sitting outside of their marble mansions. I passed by them on my right. They sat very still and dully regarded me as if I were a bit strange. “I am” I responded without speaking and moved past them.

It was as if I needed to move from beyond the finery and cruel beauty of a land of nowhere into a crueler yet more beautiful domain which is within myself.

Hell’s bells – I hear them ringing; but they don’t sound so bad.

DGS (1959 – )  
Snowstorm Blanket me in indifference
Hide me from myself and numb my thoughts of you

But it melts away
Not the pain, but my protection, my cocoon

Blind me from the fatal truth as the carriage horse knows his future is not rest
Freeze me in the past where I could assure myself that romance was shared between us.