by Mark Young

What Xero offers

The leading online storage &
file delivery service is envied
for her use of the tropes she 
keeps in a secret gulag of 
unique art forms. Her young 
adult ministry is a global 
provider of real-time product-
based symposia that encourage 

our youth to buy pharmaceuticals 
& pirated DVDs. All asymmetry 
& angularity, she writes in an open-
access article that the feminist move-
ment didn’t actually help women. She
is set to earn millions from her app.

expands the now posture

The high price of fuel means
that the last Mexican will soon
be selling signed jerseys &
music action figures in an
attempt to break the blockade.
Maybe I haven’t been paying
proper attention, but it seems
a well designed authenticity

dilemma, & comfortable for your
small dog. No doubt has been
discovered by the Arabs through
a body of research. Now ready
to be transmitted, & poised to
tear apart our modern paradigms.

to elucidate

A little Turkish Delight
is the perfect medium to
strip a heavy vessel of its

lining. It’s a remedy from
the old west, particularly
useful for hospitals, cities,

schools, but moved side-
ways & into the closet
so the stains don’t show.

A line from Debbie Harry

Fulfillment Daily tells
us the stress of urban
living is more than
an abstract trace on a

map. Is a breeding
ground for psychosis,
is reflected in each &
every boat that leaves

the UK’s only licensed
cannabis farm. From
the isolation of Guan-
tánamo it may seem a

trivial thing; but as a
socially disadvantaged
ethnic minority we are
completely vulnerable.

the / use of / the hands especially

Revision of the Dublin regulation
has combined malformed blood
vessels with obsessively detailed
itineraries to create tax exemptions
on fund earnings & insider access
for as little as $15 a day. We are
now able to easily track the time
spent on individual jobs, explore

the rôle of ‘real life’ experiences,
embed the critical so that the
two main charcters can sit up &,
at length, move about. Still, one
must explore with caution & be-
ware of exorbitant cover fees.