by Rachel Fox


                              She skips through a patch of sunflowers
                  And gently brushes the petals through her pale fingers
                       The pleasant stench of her peach perfume lingers
                                  As she tries to picture her hometown
                          And her prince charming standing prominently 
                                               Outside their palace
                              She wakes up from her perfect fantasy
                          To find herself parked outside of an old and run-down Petco
                              In the middle of Parkersburg, West Virginia


I stare up at the emotionless black void
A single orb of light twinkles in the distance
Suddenly millions on millions
One by one
Popping up all over the sky
What once was nothing has turned into something extraordinary
I gaze up and look around
The darkness is full of light

About the Author:

Rachel Fox is a creative writing student from Downingtown Pennsylvania. She writes multiple genres but enjoys poetry, fiction, and horror. In her free time she likes to watch “The Office” and play with her two cats Arya and Sansa.