by Ashley Ener   ALIVE DAY You don’t know you’re in something till it’s over
You don’t know you’ve made an impact till it’s pastEver changing
Ever stillOne minute you’re sixteen wanting to make a difference
The next you’re nineteen questioning everythingEver changing
Ever stillOn the news you saw their faces stoic, solemn, sedate
You felt the pull to brotherhood, to fight, to save            Ever changing
Ever stillTheir caskets covered in freedom and sacrifice
The price they paid, you wanted to makeEver changing
Ever stillYou’re waiting for the order that never comes
Swept away by the blast, dust blocking your view            Ever changing
Ever still

You’re fighting for the men at your side;
To keep the war from reaching home            Ever changing
Ever stillSand. Blood. Bone. The hole you’re in is painted red.
The tourniquets you used to tie his life in.            Ever changing
Ever stillYou wake from the memory that is always with you,
You check your hands to make sure they’re clean of blood            Ever changing
Ever stillYou can’t explain why you were able to come home.
Why you? Why you? Why you?            Ever changing
Ever stillYou don’t know the impact you made for your brother you wouldn’t let death take.
A brother whose grave stands empty today.            Ever changing
Ever stillNineteen. Then Twenty-six. Nineteen. Then Twenty-six.
One breath you’re there, then you’re home, then back again.            Ever changing
Ever still     TILL DEATH DO US PART The night promised friendship and fun.
It had been months since the air around us
was light and full of laughter.Over the pooltable, the lights swayed in the wind.
Most of us had been drinking more than our share.Our friendship had once brought me a brother.
Yet, there we were, standing opposite an old bar table
as almost strangers.I would have cut you out of my life months before.
But I was soon to be chained to you till death do us part.The longer I’ve stayed, the deeper the cut,
the tighter the grip, the hotter the rage.
The stronger the pull and love to the one you call brother.That day had already brought me pain.
Inhibition gone, I naively trusted you with it.
Old habits die hard.The laughter of our friends and the clicking
of the pool sticks faded out.
Your words reached me through my back
and into my heart. The words tumbled out of your mouth as if
like me, they meant nothing to you,
Dripping down my back, staining as they
left a sticky clotted trail.For the longest time your painful attempts
to get me to leave were only felt by my back.
Now you have made the final push of the knife
so everyone can see what you’ve done.        About the Author:Ashley EnerAshley Ener is a 26 year old writer from Texas. She is currently pursuing an Associate of Arts degree at Lone Star College. She has loved reading all her life and has been known to read multiple books at the same time. She also has a love for art, Paris, Audrey Hepburn, Farrah Fawcett and anything related to Christmas.