by Stella Prince

Leaves were crisp against my boots.
The crunch of sticks sounded like a baby’s rattle.
The moonlight made my quiet eyes dim.
Woods are purple and black.
Woods are full of mischief.
I listened softly for something exciting.
Except for the shadow.
The shadow followed the moonlight.
I followed the shadow.
Something else might have followed me.
An animal might have followed that.
The purple shadow raced across the woods.
Never to be seen again.
The leaves were yellow, not sky blue.
The shadow raced tirelessly across the acre,
the search was on.
My quiet eye lay upon the wood.
The woods filled with silence.
Silence is loud and obnoxious.
The purple trees swayed on.
The shadow followed the moonlight.
I followed the moonlight.
Something else followed the moonlight.
An animal followed all of us.
The purple shadow escaped into the sun.
Never to be seen again.

About the Author:

Stella Prince is a writer and poetess. Her articles have been published in magazines such as “Seshat Literary Journal”, “Amazing Kids Magazine”, and “Good Life Youth Journal”, and her poems have been published in “A Celebration of Poets: A National Anthology” in Fall 2017.