he is really a Mock turtle
from Capitalist Wonderland and
his song is a serenade to
the Red Queen running
the nation pretending to be
a strong but twittering leader
or is it Humpty Dumpty with
its brittle shell for skin
neither male nor female
while the Mock Turtle takes
money from his Chinese father-in-law
as if it is earned
to enhance his own career
of singing the Mock Turtle melody
and the confused Kentucky voters
wonder who he is really representing
or is it all for the Lobster Quadrille
choreographed by the simulated senator
to satisfy the Monarch in the White House    THE POET HAD FAITH IN FORMfor he knew that without form
it was not poetry
since his masters of the genre
preached with the sonnet or
the villanelle where control of
form was mastery of the poem
and therefore, of life itself
and even the Limerick design or the
simple couplet was a serious
poetic device when in the hands
of the significantly creative poet
although an unsophisticated aspiring
bard cannot substitute form for
a simple mind and construct an inspired
original perspective to create a poem
that is unique and complex for
intelligence is vital for authentic creativity
and an Emersonian impulse cannot
provide the truth that intellect seeks    MY GRANDAUGHTER HAS DECIDEDshe is not my granddaughter any longer
although in her discovery she is also
not my grandson either and wants to
be referred not as she or he or him or her
but them and their in clear violation of
standard grammatical usage but a linguistic
scholar has suggested in a letter to the New York Times
“one” could be used with clarity and in keeping
with standard English grammar although in
realizing neutral gender do not use sex
which seems to be a concept too prickly
than just gender which does not suggest the
damp and slippery moisture of cohabitation
and desire when she wishes to crop her coiffure
in ways despite her desire she appears closer
to being an adolescent boy than the female
person she clearly is attempting to escape     About the Author:Howard Winn’s  writing, both fiction and poetry, has been published by such journals as The Galway Review (Ireland),Dalhousie Review, Descant (Canada), Break The Spine, New York Quarterly, Southern Humanities Review, Borderlands, Beloit Poetry Review, Xavier Review and Toyon. His novel, “Acropolis,” has been published.  His B. A. is from Vassar College.  His M. A. is from the Writing Program at Stanford University. His doctoral work was done at N. Y. U. He has been a social worker in California and currently is a faculty member of SUNY as Professor of English.