( For Miss Caroline and Flocka )

by Nate Tulay


Friends, if you had food, water, shelter and warmth, i.e., physiological, and you and your neighbors came together and created a community, i.e. a city, i.e. a mini nation state to give everyone within the community freedom from fear and security from an outside invasion and stability throughout the community which allowed you and others to be confident in finding a spouse and building a family because you all don’t have to worry about any scam or fake love since there aren’t any need for others to be jealous or envious or hateful or negative, wouldn’t that turn you into a lover even if you weren’t a natural lover?? And wouldn’t becoming a lover make you open minded and more willing to make friends because you are aware that the people within your community are also similar to you when it comes to love and friendship and understanding and compassion and honesty and fairness and tolerant though their unique skill sets and interest are different than yours??

And if everyone had all of the former things, wouldn’t you all be capable of achieving and becoming what you all want to be by pursuing your inner talents and gifts and creativity? Don’t they tell us that doing the things we love make us feel fulfilled?? And if your gifts and talents are valued and appreciated as much as the highest gifts valued on earth today, wouldn’t you feel fulfilled from doing what you love to do?? And if my gifts are valued and appreciated as much as your gifts and the highest gifts valued on earth, wouldn’t I also feel fulfilled from pursing my inner talent and gifts and creativity and doing what I love to do too?? And wouldn’t pursing the things we love to do in an environment like the environment in this argument help us to master our crafts and gifts and talents?? And friends, don’t people, i.e., humans, i.e., all of us respect and recognize people who have mastered their own unique craft and gifts and talents?? Don’t we all respect Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Ali, Montana etc etc?? And so wouldn’t mastering our craft and gifts and talents and getting recognized within our community and nation for achieving it make us feel a sense of self-esteem?? And even if we all don’t master our craft and gifts and talents in our current lifetime, wouldn’t we still be happy as well as lovers and friends and at peace because we were able to pursue your unique inner talents and gifts and do what make us happy as well as be members of a loving and friendly and understanding and compassionate and tolerant and kind and honest and fair family and society??

And can we really make any rational arguments about not being happy and satisfied if we were to live a single life within a universe or world of society built like the environment painted in this essay?? And so isn’t it True that this living pyramid should be one humans should strive to materialize in all humanly reality??

About the Author:

A wise man once said, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” – Nietzsche That quote can explain who I’m at this very moment. My name is Nate Tulay and I am an aspiring Liberian-American poet. I would love to tell you all more about my story but I can’t because I do have the words to thoroughly explain it as of hitherto; however, I will foreshadow the exposition of my future poetry book by telling you all I was born in a third world country during a civil war with two major birth defects and also experienced another Civil War when I was four and lost my entire childhood to it. My experiences, and struggles made me a philosopher sooner rather than later in life and they are my motivations to strive for greatness.