Land and sea when angels fall 

I did not fall to call your pain, or break ones heart so soft again, I felt such love within no doubt
Like heavens precious rainA magical voice I heard by ear, and eye to dwell a lonely tear, to touch the pages of your words
Bought likeness smiles hereAnd so your lips had spoke of love, and to my heart it burns of truthAnd way would go from
Old to New, and part ways of love in youthFor any love I would  behold the light there and it’s truthI did not fall to call your pain, or break ones heart so soft again, I felt such love within no doubt
Like heavens precious rainAnd as I watched the flowers open, your rose eternal blooms againAnd I in love reciprocate and dissipate such painWith open eyes, and clear blue skies
Such love it coverts the land and seaAnd wills it way throughout any day and finds its way to me.    

White LiliesWild are the Lilies
down by the lake, stretched as far as the eye can see,A symbol of a love forever, Thou hast come to comfort meIn my weary days on earth, alone the footprints leave,countless hours of your beauty , the Tempest heart does grieveSofter than the light of heaven, brazed and bright just like a starI wonder through the path of many
White Lilies, as you areAnd in my silent auction
Take gentle each step
By feet,to meet upon  the beauty surrounding
Your soul I long to greetTo stay thereby the water
Embraced the heart
In love, to pick but all
One flowerOne lover from above.     Enclosed by Love Where the time falls like silken sheet’s, we lay enclosed by loveAnd when we close our eyes to dream find those fields aboveSuch a pretty stage of cloth to dress ones bed just like a flowerAnd take ones breath before the heavens
On death’ good willing hour. We never rarely speak of death’ for watchman come to pry with eye
As so they then would cease ones breath and take towards the sky’ Though wooden boxes
Fancy made should dress one up delighted so, and so the ground would hold Love dear
When it’s time to go. Songs of you, and songs of i. .  I followed the sound
Of several birds, who spoke of you, without ye’ words..a little song
With highest tune
They circled the sky’
Beneath the moonTheir nests awaited
A feathers rest
I felt there strongest
Within my chestYour beating heart
A love so strong
it lead me home
Where you belongNow every night
I hear them sing
And to my heart
they come to bringA peaceful rest and warm reside
With you my lover
At my sideAs every morning sun
To rise, I see their beauty
Within your eyesAnd so on feathers they do fly, and sing of love
Within the sky’Songs of you and songs of I, in highest tune
And words of nigh’.    Galaxy that needed no nameWhere do you wonder
My lover my friendI’ve walked the boundaries and come to an endI’ve turned a mountain
And lifted a stoneHere is where I found me all aloneI’ve searched through old memories kept by grace And still I long
for your sweet faceI know you’re in here
And dream to be foundMy angel my lover
You fly above groundMy heart is eternal
I cherish and holdThe light of your halo
Your wings made of goldOur love everlasting
Each moment in timeThe stairwell to heaven
Your feet met to climbI’ve danced in the shadows
To the music of soul

within your blue eyes
My heart beating wholeOne love to another we burnt like a flameTwo stars in a galaxy
That needed no name.  About the Author:Nardine Sanderson is a Geelong born writer poetess who’s love of poetry stretches across the seas immortalizing Those she loves in words.