by Alan Berger   

I’m lonely  
ButI’m well bred
Well read 
Well fed                                                                                              
My favorite position in bed
Is laying alone
Being off the phone
I’m lonely
But stay out of my zoneI’m lonely
I don’t like people
They accelerate my evilI’m lonely
But I’ve never used force
Nor do I let nature take its course
I give it a heavy helping hand
It backfires when I make that standI’m lonely
But when the door closes behind me
It’s my Kingdom I survey and sway
I’m lonely
But stay out of my way
I want you close
But not all dayI’m lonely
But I look forward
Up and down and sideways
For a Chinese dinner
With a big egg roll
And some Dim Sum
And a Table for one  

About the Author:
Alan Berger has two films on Netflix that he wrote and directed and over fifty short fiction and poetry pieces published since 2018 He lives in West Hollywood with the memory of his beautiful cat.