Dear Customer,

I apologize for not being what you want.
I’m sorry I couldn’t be the man you wanted.
It’s not my fault I wasn’t born with a
certain appendage between my legs.

Maybe if I was, my requests of turning your
phone completely off wouldn’t sound like some
mystic code you apparently didn’t have the
gumption to decipher.

Maybe the deeper baritone and the supposed
authority could serve as a personal interpreter.

I hope you were able to understand me when I
requested waiting for a moment to get the
aforementioned supervisor.

I’m sorry, I meant to just say the supervisor.
I apologize if my wording is too advanced.
I bet you would understand me if I were a man.

I sincerely hope you understood when the supervisor
asked you to do the same things I requested you to do:

“turn [your] phone completely off”
“may I have your name, please?”

Because I am a woman, I don’t quite recall
the rest of the conversation.
Since I wasn’t worth your time,
you aren’t worth mine.

Does that make me truly incompetent?
Maybe you convinced yourself I am, since your
chromosomes won’t warrant you to be
disadvantaged in such manner.

I’m honored to see how your generation is holding
onto such old-fashioned values and shows me
how you treat a young woman.

Time truly does stand still.

I hope my male supervisor was able to assist you.
I can’t wait to hear from you again.