I Took it as a Sign to Start Singing
Inspired by Rumi Translated by Coleman Barks

Last night the full moon floated
in the stillness of my cool,
lake-view horizon.
I took it as a sign to start singing*
from my joy filled heart.

My skipped pebble rippled
across star filled sky.

* This line is from the translated poem “The New Rule”

Richard M. Grove, otherwise known to friends as Tai, lives in Presqu’ile Provincial Park where he and his wife run a B&B, where he also runs Hidden Brook Press. He is a Poet, Writer, Editor, Publisher, Photographer and President of the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance. He is the Poet Laureate of Brighton, Ontario. He has 15 titles of poetry, fiction and memoir. He is the Editor-in-chief of Devour: Art and Lit Canada