I wish that I knew to tell her that her laugh is a burst of light,
like a flashing supernova.
Her smile is the warmth of home.
The curve of her femininity goes on into infinity.
The sway of her hips is like the waves of a tsunami.
Woman is the power of creation.
She is a stargate that facilitates the partnership of creation.
Mother of the earth, always remember your self-worth.
You were meant to love somebody, but love yourself first.
You can love many, but know your own self-worth.
Let your walls fall down. Let your heart run free.
You were made for loving, so let it be.

Alethea Jimison is a poet and author. The written language has always been a passion of hers since she was a little girl. She was already writing her first amateur novel and following her mother around asking her to read all of her stories by the time she was seven years old. She read the dictionary and thesaurus for fun by hiding it between the cover of her school books secretly. She posted daily words on the refrigerator to challenge herself as a future wordsmith. Alethea loves writing stories that challenge the reader to make the world a better place through personal development and accountability. You can find out more about Alethea’s work at