Flame divine. ( Read both ways bottom too top also)

Cover me in loves sweet notes for all that sound does travel well
And in my heart, I felt each feather
So softly I had fell
– into the light of morning, as gentle as that evening tide, and love was like that river flowing
a peaceful rest aside,

Oh sweet whims of loves full grace
I have my faith divine, as he makes light of every star and in the heart of mine, I comfort knowing moonlight, I comfort knowing him
I make peace Within the depths he taught me how to swim,

Rivers rush towards the sea immortalizing you and me, like the tides of the ocean shore, love enclosed to reassure, the more the heavens bless with light, not bound in body but of flight, his wings embrace the heart of mine we are that kindred flame divine.
Nardine Sanderson is a Geelong born writer poetess who’s love of poetry stretches across the seas immortalizing. Those she loves in words.