As we are entering into the sixth year of the ADELAIDE LITERARY MAGAZINE with thirty-nine published issues (in 41 volumes) and twelve Anthologies, all together featuring short stories, essays, and poetry by over 1800 authors, to over one million readers online; and to thousands of readers of the printed edition; there are many achievements to be proud of, and many editing and publishing experiences to learn from and build upon.

In accordance with our mission statement – “We publish literary fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, and promote the writers we publish, helping both new, emerging, and established authors reach a wider literary audience.” – in the past five years we organized four literary competitions engaging over 1500 authors with their short stories, essays, and poetry; and started a book publishing imprint ADELAIDE BOOKS in order to publish novels, memoirs, collections of short stories, poetry, and essays by contributing authors of the magazine and other qualified authors.

Further and fast growth of Adelaide Literary Magazine and Adelaide Books demanded the development of new online applications and more advanced web technologies, and consequently, we designed a new e-commerce platform and a website for Adelaide Books, followed by the moving of the Adelaide Literary Magazine online edition from the HTML based website to more advanced WordPress platform.

This was a demanding and enormous task, considering that we had to transfer over 2000 web pages filled with text contents and images. The new Adelaide Literary Magazine platform was launched on September 1st and at the present time, we are still working on adjusting small “hiccups” that appeared during the transfer. As the most important features, the new platform offers an easy search of the contents, and enable readers to leave comments. Also, SEO capabilities are set for the best possible online visibility. Of course, the domain address is the same ( For the easier submission, authors are now enabled to upload their submissions and authors info instantly, by following instructions on the submission page (

However, web page addresses of the individual published submissions in our past issues are now all different. If you have an existing link(s) to your published piece(s) in Adelaide Literary Magazine on your blog, social channel page, or a website, please update your link(s). To find your pieces on the new platform simply go to the HOME page ( ) and enter into search box your name or the title of the published piece and your work will appear. After getting to your page(s), please check for any errors or typos, and if you find any, send me a note ( ) for a quick correction.

Finally, with much appreciation and many thanks for your support of the Adelaide Literary Magazine and the work we do,  I invite you to continue submitting your work to our magazine. To purchase any of the past issues of the magazine, you can visit our new store ( and if you feel generous today, visit our FRIENDS OF ALM page (