Hang a Light on the Moon

Keeping a close watch
eyes glazed from lacking true sleep
it’s the thing he does
watching each breath in and out
praising every moment

looking for the signs
wondering what happens next
never coasting hope
as the moon shines like a friend
shining to appeal his thoughts

appealing powers
please hang a light on the moon
giving energy
to the souls entwined here now
who knows when they will release

one thing is certain
moonlight is always shining
even if not seen
if the clouds should hide the view
knowledge is the assurance

backdrops shadows ’til the dawn
knowing soothing dreams
ever comforting slumber
souls hope for another day

when days turn to end
and forever rests come forth
comfort will be there
the soul no longer bottled
broken free for true release

Music in A Dream State

Rock Star Plays the Scene
harsichordic moments flash
before purple haze
dancing on a cloud of pink
air bounding off solid ground

rounding the hot strings
side bar on the tambourine
beside the lava light
shading against neon shakes
vibrations charge vividly

dancing on the top
children crawl beneath bleachers
playing toy soldiers
it’s a natural lifestyle
Janis sung in the shower

the music of dreams
slumber comes until one shakes
humming in dozed state
what is that you say? say again
write it down and sleep

jumping on a cloud
blending days into the nights
casting forward thrusts
pulling back but for nothing
sleeping on the pull-out couch


take notice of pain
it comes in all kinds of ways
soulful and sadful
spiritually obscure
physically in malaise

hold close the hurting
if not in arms try in hearts
you may not know what
kind of aching may be felt
trust that caring matters more

cries may not have tears
anguish manifests diverse
not for us to judge
just the same, judgment will come
and is often in telling

pull the chains from souls
release viral compassion
secrets can be held
truly, passions can be shared
without conditions all known