Roses bloom in darkness too.

Loves rose grew from her lips to speak of loss and courage through what leaves the body but never dies

She had his heart, clung to his soul
As the salty tears of sorrow never dries

Form the love and it lives

Give love the power and it grows,

strengthened enough to sprout each word, in a language only the heart it knows

For touch may part, but longing stay
In the values of love on wings away

But furtherent adhere to the moment
Love United one’s breaths to breathe

Before such death would have him Leave
In a grievance become a rose untouched

In the vices of the hearts as much

For love it Kindle the burning flame
divine and sacred where we claim
To dwell as if we ever knew,

Roses bloom in darkness too.

In a universe caressed.

What seeks to weave those precious stars, the night is young and fully lit
Below the canopy of trees I sit

In lite shadows of the arriving moon

For love may cast its promiscuous ways
On my brow with lightened days, but rest in peaceful smiles the eve

With formidable challenges not to grieve

Come by on breezes thoroughly strong
In some strange reason and in song

To bring the heart sweet lulling tunes
For he in a dreams awaits there soon

How does love survive the test, in a universe caressed, by the willing heart
Confined to hold, in its silver light of stars, a burning sun of gold

For many reasons such be true, that every star that follows through
In a blanket of darkness find each flicker of light, lays down in shadows
yet to fight

Forever seems a destined hand, and all but falling loving sand, may calculate a love that’s bearing

In the atmosphere that we are sharing

To love with heart the stars that shine
And bless the moon it’s great divine
But come the light of days bright sun
And cherish love where so begun.

I hold what love there made.

In my deepest depths of thought, you sprout like a vine that’s grown in light , I could have bread the seasons darker
But I’ve known that to be a fight

To embrace my empathic surges
In my veins some victory, that you may become a garden lively that willing all can see,

For what of roses in the spring , so presently grace the light of skies
And blue comes rushing prominent
In the contours of your eyes

To value most the new coming days
And countless stars in nights charade
There within the loving hands
I hold what love there made

To all new promise that love and dreams may catch the fall Of starlight brave
And hold what’s in my heart so longing
In times before the grave

For such seasons change and go
To be a master of the light they’d stay
And I with a tender hand would hold them anyway,

For beauty is a pleasure cast before the eyes may close in times of sleep
And some they say that dreams they weave, and hold the heart so deep

A pleasure is this morning light
And there in evenings gentle moon
A love that brings the garden home
And moves the heart to swoon .

For all the love he had inside.

I’d have no choice but to dwell in sorrow
If by day had come the morrow
A sleeping tide, where seas no more
Crashed the aching of my shore

In loves avoidance come by wing
And never sort the heart to sing
But lay in a whithered roses bed
Where a million starlight filled my head

To rest in knowing thoughts alone
With Nothing but such love to atone
In a resistant likened pose

To be a place of peace means hope
But love as absence never sort
All the ways the tide has brought

Values to a place I’ve found
Once you’ve come to resting ground
A silver tear and moon resides
Love forever, never died

But lives full fashion in me now
And never leave the soul or side
Though touch would cease
The heart still longs
And in my arms where he belongs

The night would bow and courage form
Below the tides as if reborn
Into the light of heavens waves
In death to body so still craves

To be of courage for in love the more
And take my breaths down to the shore
In silence watch the ever glades
In lights sweet willing vibrant shades

Of loss and aching time pursued
Nothing but such love is viewed

To be a horizon I barely known
But graced the landing of each step
Where all the angels lept to fall

In loves sweet daunting dreams and all
But bare the imprint of loves content
With written language of what it meant

To be of partial days and night
Before he closed his eyes To sight

Beginning a journey nill of breath
And leaving me so lonely in death

For I shall love and dwell in him
The weight of waters always swim
But loath the seas where he had cried
For all the love he had inside.

Caution to lips.

Has my heart More so tangled in loves sweet vines to climb the heights of sky?

For I have fallen within his eyes

To catch a glimpse of loves sweet lullabies and songs finesse
And find myself in contemplation, to well express,

That rivers rush and birds do sing
And here in the peacefulness of spring
Found love lays beneath the clouds and watches time go by

And I’m still sending sweetest kisses
on high,
Only to float freely on a breeze that’s welcomed home within the heart

By the reeds and lilies, the wildest flowers sow and reign
And I know some day love will take
the pain

And fill the absence in one’s soul

Enlightened by the seas cold vigil rush,
For such a love leaves caution to lips
And cheeks to blush.

In a void of ever light.

I only hope that you are waiting, I could not bare that you would leave
In so many ways I still linger here
I a silence that I grieve

Spaceless is a love outstanding, in a void of ever light
A touch apart But never covered
Known to be delight

Ahh what ways my heart confides
In a worship towards the sky above
And every time I come to fall
Feel your constant love

As if the light of heavens
Knows that love and take me there
I feel as if I’ve bound forever in your loving care

What sort of dreams may catch my heart
And waking would then break my stride
Before the angels come to sing
I had thee at my side

To death I say forgiven, how my heart consists of pain
And in my hopeful peace of longing
Seek you face again .

The lake.

The light touched down upon the lake
In an old familiar way, autumn once had set the scene, though spring was here today

The ducks were on the landing
Cloudy was the sky above
Drizzling rain has sort to comfort
This new adoring love

Leaves of green had crept in places
I thought had long forgotten thine
The canopy of overgrowth
The way the ivys vine

Once the trees were amber glowing
Before the winter set it’s new details
And all but love had come to season
In the search for possum tails

The lake was filled with wildest lillies
The reflection of the skies of blue
And I had found in deep compassion
My longing thoughts of you.

Stars still spell your name.

I held on so tight to the memories
And like a song knew every word
But in instant the I opened my heart
Freely you flew just like bird

I miss the tunes of morning, the evenings in pastel colors formed
The way the skies would be ablaze
Inside my soul was warmed

Sometimes it just painful, others like a revere in the sweetness of a love that cannot
come to be

For death was like a soldier
You fought a battle that’s never lost
But losing you was something painful
I’ve felt the sorrow and the cost

But never have I forgotten what love you held inside that flame, on nights sweet melody
And it’s peace the stars still spell your name.

Nardine Sanderson is a geelong born writer poetess who’s love of words stretches across the sea to immortalize those she loves.