Struggle of the Jewish People
By Regina Saad

The crack of the afikomen:
The broken cracker symbolizing struggle.
The struggle of the Seder finally ending.

The rule to not ask dad any questions,
For it will cause the anguished meal to run long;
Yet, my brother’s curiosity always wins.

Hungry eyes stare at the seder plate,
Bitter herbs somehow become appetizing,
The smell of mom’s brisket wafting, teasing.

Feet tap as my sister dissects the Hebrew,
Everyone’s pinkies dip in the wine,
And hands anxiously flip the prayer book pages.

I peek at the Manischewitz,
Awaiting dad’s departure to steal a few gulps.
Mom smirks and pretends not to see.

Through the impatience the brisket is served,
The afikomen is finally found,
And time with family is well spent.

In Defense of Israel-
By Gigi Saad

How might one have peace with a world
which doesn’t want to have peace with you.
From the ashes we rose
In the name of Zion.
Ashes from gas which tried to replace our fire.
Our light almost went out
So the responsibility of kindling we took.
We disregarded the inhabitants prior–
In Haifa deceit lingers on the street
Like a fog,
In the name of blue and white
Kachol V’lavan with might.
God taught us to act with an olive branch
But someone to accept we couldn’t find
Since Maccabis in the early days
The days of let my people go…
So we fight,
We bleed,
We weep,
In the name of Go(l)d.

Regina “Gigi” Saad is  Jewish studies major at the University of Florida. Incorporating her passion for Judaica within her poetry has become a hobby of hers, and she is hoping to share it with others.