Drivers Test

Put away your phone, and we will go outside.
Hop in my car, and I’ll take us for a ride.
Driving starts out nice with few vehicles around.
Turn on some music and listen to the sound.

But as we head downtown, traffic starts to get thick.
And the smell of exhaust, it makes me feel slightly sick.
The greenish view has slowly changed to concrete.
After a short while, I wish I could get out of my seat.

The many red lights, they all last way too long.
And the fun of steering, it has long since been gone.
My car now tests my sanity, where it used to be the best.
Should I get rid of my prime possession? The real drivers test.

J. M. Allen

Why I Bought a Gun

Guns are made to hurt people,
that is clear for everyone to see.
So I bought myself a firearm,
to deter someone from shooting me.
Yes I believe I’m going to go to Heaven,
which is a Paradise that is quite fair.
But I’d rather kill someone who was trying
the same to me – and thus to not go there.

J. M. Allen


I am stuck this way, there’s no way to change me it seems.
Because this physical characteristic, it is due to my genes.
I crave to fit in! But I’m obviously different as you see.
My parents didn’t consider what burdens that it would have on me.

From before I was born, I was to inherit my trait.
There’s nothing I can do – I am stuck with my fate.
There is no path to normal, it really isn’t fair.
And I hate it when people sometimes gawk and stare.

Almost all people are so fortunate and don’t even know.
The DNA is on the inside, but on the outside it may show.
If I had just one wish, I sure know what I’d say.
Just to be ordinary! If only just for one day.

J. M. Allen

J. M. Allen is a 50-year old, who recently started writing a bunch of rhyming poems.