He’s more pink than
yellow. But I couldn’t
very well name him
after a girly color
could I? In the old days
when he was roused
at the mere sight of a
frisbee he’d work himself up
to almost purple
with pent-up energy and
single-minded focus.
He mostly sleeps these
days and nights and he’s
content with an occasional
petting when the mood strikes.
And he’ll still come
when I whistle. But I can tell
his heart’s not in it anymore.


Nothing is nothing
static. We’re atoms
at dance
in the void of
God’s universe,
stepping lively to music
of spheres unheard, the
cadences of creation
and recreation.
And I? I’ll gavotte
till kingdom come and
my dance card’s full.


I was loved,
for a time.

More than you can say
who labor through,
bodies, minds
not knowing, never known,
until finally you bore yourself.

For a time. That, that was
good enough.


There was a time when I made sure my undies were clean because I was going on a date. Then I married and it made no difference if my undies were clean because my wife washed them. Now I settle for simply having undies always on because if I drop dead I don’t want to be discovered butt-naked. They’d think me weird.


What to sing as day is darkening
and simplest breathing comes heaving
and moving me is moving weight when
seventy is for the sleek and strong?
What to sing?
Cadenced lines of loves recalled? Illicit scents under unfamiliar sheets?
Tongues and tastes and lidded eyes and salty, scalding flesh on mine?
But wait. Wait.
So much of life is mine to make, not just commemorate. Within me yet
before I pass more paths to take to break to celebrate when
seventy is for the sleek and strong.

Peter W. Yaremko is author of three non-fiction books: A Light from Within; Fat Guy in a Fat Boat; and Saints and Poets, Maybe. His novel, Billy of the Tulips, was released in 2018 by TouchPoint Press. Published poetry: Allegro Poetry Magazine, Ariel Chart, Avalon Literary Review, Boston Literary Magazine, Dual Coast Magazine, Loch Raven Review, Poetry Quarterly, Scarlet Leaf Review, and Third Wednesday. He blogs at www.pametriverbooks.com.