Alabaster Polish

Short admonition able
Spiritual like purity abolish
Beautiful veined alabaster polish
Deliberate lie whit cable
Lady her self-setting the table
Unmistakably evidenced demolished
Woman’s softly feathered face polished
Gentle a high degree of fable


Mingling error remembered by chief
She likes an Umbrella in her beer
Post-exilic eminence three point deer
Accepting the analogy’s new hat thief
Analogy of slain deer grief
Aristotle’s Purple of the rabbinical gear
Philosopher antic verse to hear
Ancient Hebrew fragments of the leaf
They were cited using Irish languages to beg
Substantiation oral sweets of a sinner’s dinner
Inferior style penultimate keg
Arithmetical gently aleph dialed inner
Both of each ordinal cardinal videlicet peg
Theoretical grammatical rules syntax winner


Non-conformist explains changing on the beach
Reassuringly mechanical mixture cleared
Broken unmixed feelings first feared
Smoke-stained kitchen window impeached
Hieroglyphs epigraphic Egyptian Leech
Somnambulism autistics suggestion neared
Indefinite sleeping- bag smeared
One hired silent secret ritual each
Her night attire vacant mute expressions ceased
Propagation of rumors cheating
State of comparative ignorance east
Dark Lady Fair Man certain meeting
Ridicule ignorance divine feast
Mental or physical disturbance un-beaten

Sonnet CDXXX

Adolescence regulated skipping rope on the beach
Balsamation pendulum aerial fight cleared
Wheel-gear unmounting exactitude feared
One porcelain wave moustache cup each
Natural phenomenon motley leech
Irish political autonomy end time neared
Consummation ethnically irreducible smeared
Distich defective chant arrested to impeach
Mutual reflection periphrastic venin ceased
Egyptian epigraphic hieroglyphs cheat
Cuneiform ogham writing merged east
Inscriptions guinquvecostable meeting
Unfamiliar melody at the Irish feast
Identities queasiest stations unbeaten


Ash-plant bore door of egress from the Bank
Two Candle-sticks on the floor of the Bar
Hat on her head fell a little a jar
A door of ingress for a cat so dank
Spectacle confronted emerged silently cat double drank
Obscurity penumbras of the gardens cat scar
Regulated her hour skipping hopscotch on fresh tar
Recess duck’s lawn English vista tank
Objected not stated sinister anchor
Contemporaneously depart second barge
Heaven-tree if stars hung night blue spinier
Portending he had hoped imagined large
Secret purpose similarly if differencing thinker
Inhabitant’s mater healing herbs enlarger.

Terry  Brinkman has been writing for over forty five years. Has Five Amazon E- Books. Poems in Rue Scribe, Tiny Seed, Jute Milieu Lit and Utah Life Magazine.  Snapdragon Journal, Poets Choice, Adelaide Magazine, Variant, Tide and UN/Tethered Anthologies, the Writing Disorder, Ink Pantry, In Parentheses, Ariel Chat, New Ulster and in the Glove.