A fibonnaci poem

Waves cascading in
Pools in which we are a pebble.

A Rondel Poem

When I do spy your lovely face,
My heart leaps with joy,
At your antics that are so coy.
My pain leaves me without a trace.

This world bestowed upon me grace,
So that I am a lucky boy,
With pleasures, I do run my race,
And with you the moments to enjoy.

Keeping you in a sacred place,
Requires nary a wicked ploy.
Honesty is all I will employ,
As long as the sun runs its race.

Beloved Hero

A trimeric poem

You are my beloved hero,
The apple of my eye.
You bring me hope,
In the darkest night.

The apple of my eye,
You shine above the rest,
Spurring the on to my goal,
While the storm winds assail.

Spurring me on to my goal,
You ignite a passion within,
Always reminding me to live,
With my back towards the wind.

With my back towards the wind,
I carry you in my heart,
As the inspiration that I need,
In this life to carry on.

My Lass
A Cantena Rondo

How I adore my lass,
And how I carry her in my breast,
Holding her close in my breast.
How I adore my lass.

Keeping you near to my heart,
I am faithful to the end.
TO you my life I lend.
Keeping you in my heart.

Never ever doubt my love.
It is as eternal as the earth.
Of my tender feelings there is no dearth.
Never doubt my love.

If you will love me, too.
All will be right at last.
Our union erase the past.
If you will love me, too.

Dancing with The Stars
A strambotto poem

Now dancing with the stars above on this earth,
My spirit and my inner man begin to soar.
As a creature of God, I see my self-worth.
My newfound freedom is all that I hope for.
The is what I sought from the time of my birth.
Exuberant joy radiates in my core.
Joy does fill me with laughter and so much mirth.
As the luminous lights above, I explore.

Eugenia Fain is a seasoned author with forty years of experience in writing poetry and prose. She is a fiftyish married woman who resides in South Carolina with her husband, Ivan and her tabby cat, Buddy. Eugenia is a preschool teacher and tutor who has no has children of her own. She is an international Amazon author who is published in America, Thailand, India.  She experiments with various forms and themes from many lands including Burma, Vietnam, Japan , Cambodia, Italy, England and America.