Kalki will come. Hundreds of years must pass.
Kalki will come. We wait.

Trapped we crave our son The far stars call
Locked in local space Those kilns coax hard
Dark, this backlit box But walls will fall

Kalki will come. Hundreds of years must pass.
Kalki will come. We wait.

Alnitak is bright The best O star
Cobalt boiling blaze In black cloaked mist
O Kaustubha’s sign And avatar

Kalki will come. Hundreds of years must pass.
Kalki will come. We wait.

Alnitak brings hope And calls our son
Horsehead cirrus bathed It spurs our dreams
Devadatta’s light The colt’s end run

Kalki will come. Hundreds of years must pass.
Kalki will come. We wait.

Globular Cluster.

And rubies cue the way for us in space
Dark garnet stars a halo after Christ.
Galactic outcasts spiral carmine, lost
In clusters like these, globular and old.
Our thoughts fall on Lohitaksha, Red-Eyed:
Vishnu, preserver and the Lord of all.

Those drops of blood are the revenge the void
Exacted for the Dreamer’s gift of life.
Omega Centauri reminds our foes
That Bowmen arrows wound like laser light.
Atman and endless being of Kalki,
Shiva, destroyer, always shape our way.

16 Psyche

And like butterflies in a guided flight but then careening wild
The descents commence and the flowers of force are spread and hotly red
And metallic legs that now concede the need of man unfold in space
Then with a ferrous kiss attach to Psyche’s brow, a dream of ore fulfilled
In an exultant leap towards that far steel mace.

Soon the concentrate is amassed in tanks and drones assay the float
A commodity from an asteroid to form our future fleet
Now possessed by us and worth the blaze we made with every topaz spark
And every memory of the trajectories we have coerced from rocks
As a corollary of those enforced hard arcs.

So we Centaur men of the Delta K have gained another world
And the amethysts and the emeralds that arm our very souls
In the Freeman quest once more inspire our will to roam tomorrow’s sea
A time when galaxies will flame their joy on us and arm the greatest one,
The One of sixteen years, our God, the Lord Kalki.

Presignaling Kits

Arks accretion disk ensnared
But skirting Sagittarius A
Now await the gate they dared
Await the age, the vast delay
There they pray.

Kainite pale their jetsam rests
And shifts, equipment drifting, kits
For signals, metal stretched and stressed
Signs of triumph split, moonlit.
There it sits.

Foes’ igniting last alerts
Are pointless lapses, faint decrees
Laser-fading sparkles, spurts.
We laugh and turn and leave, carefree
With Kalki.

Neap Song

In Tau form the five moons, ecliptic-aligned, lift
And pen lines like bright poets low in the green dawn
As moons 1 and 4 turn and trace ‘K’,
My own sign, a badge Gatemen galaxy wide heed
With high feats performed far from home and the Four Arms.

This moon-tag of lime tides exalts us, a neap song
Of coast tones that soar north and herald each jade day
And each night with sea notes the air reads,
From low pole to dry karst, a music no gale blasts
And no bolide‘s high tonnage smashes to spindrift.

I think then of Lord Vishnu’s power, his wild rays
And name Kavi, seer-poet, authoring apt deeds;
His mind-pent aplomb touched the grey past
As Lord Brahma, five-headed, surging when Lord Shiv
Attacked, gazed and made real the race that Kalra warned.

Those five heads were time lines the future and past need;
Our prime astral ship, not a pentagon-core craft,
In late ages targets the far rift
And glides through the blue wisp pleroma to foes born
On old worlds to force recompense for their outrage.

The five moons are high now and promise a new calm –
The sea, flat, reflects them in gaps below high cliffs
And ten disks like bloodstones are now shown
As I make my way back to base round the teal bay
To spacecraft I see calmly launching to moon speed.

Daniel King: I am an Australian same-sex oriented writer, with a strong interest in Hinduism (particularly pertaining to Kalki, the 10th and final avatar of Vishnu, the Preserver, incarnating now and forever together with Shiva, the Destroyer), mysticism in general, and astronomy. As a surfer, I am also strongly influenced by marine imagery.