Where are you going?

Where are you going?
So late at night
It’s way past bedtime
It’s long past midnight

Are you running from some turmoil?
Did you see a terrible fight?
What causes you to be out?
Or to take this dangerous flight

Did you hear someone calling?
In voice unknown
Or are you chasing the wind
That has just been blown
To a destination
Over the yonder unknown.

There must be an explanation
For this futile act
Exploring down this scary lane
Liable to attack.

Croaking at my window.

Croaking toad at my window
Annoying me at least
Do you bring me a message?
Before I go off to sleep

Croaking at my window
You annoy me at the best
Loudest at the moment
I want to doze off to rest

I’ll search the edges
When the sun is out bright
And give you some of the bothers
You dole out last night.

I’ll trim the edges
Exposing the stage from which you act
Then summoned all my foe
That prowl in broad daylight
Hoping you’ll leave me a night
Where I can rest in peace. End.

Dennis Williams is an urban poet with a rural mind. He reads poems for fun and writes them for a living. His pen is his weapon and the paper is his tool. He appreciates poets and never misses the opportunity to read their work. He never stops writing poetry, because he believes that persistence will win in the end.