four haikus about remembrance

i have now realized,
i am not made equal
lavished in dreadful hope

every now and then,
hurried footsteps dart across.
hope they come my way;

wait behind bushes,
for a chance to pounce upon
let their teeth wrench meat.

lodged in my own self,
i can only look and pray
footsteps head my way. 

Asbestos dust lines each ceiling edge,
each speck floating down,
dusting my shoes.
They press against the walnut wood floors,
where I leave
ashen footprints of
shadows long gone.
Lace aglets clink against
each other like
champagne glasses.
Smiles blink at the window.
The light from the desk lamp
coruscates onto
my hands like
running lava.
From each crevice
on the roof,
warm air leaks
into the attic.
Affinity and affection
tie both wrists together,
and I dance and dance and dance and
I am not alone anymore.

Leonardo Chung is a young aspiring writer from Illinois. He has participated in several writing programs such as the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio, Sewanee Young Writers’ Conference, and Juniper Institute for Young Writers. His work has been previously published by various literary journals and magazines such as Rigorous, riverSedge, Sheila-Na-Gig, SweetLit, Vermilion, and more. An avid thinker, Leonardo has dedicated his time musing the art of poetry through life experiences and his imagination. He takes inspiration from distinguished poets such as Langston Hughes, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Louise Glück.