I sleep with fairies
while dreaming
the truth
of my soul,
eyes closed,
Magic within,
rooted inside;
scarce without;
once I am found.
Outside, the dark
haunts me
but inside mind’s eye,
light of truth
darkness becomes
the haunted one.


grief grips my eyes
spills rain down my cheeks
pain locked within
explodes down my eyes
from friendship lost
beauty brutalized
warmth frosted in ice
flame burned out
in yesterday
leaving empty holes
to fill again


The wheel keeps turning.
The car drives forward.
A rose unfolds
touched by sun’s ray,
then sinks out of sight
replaced by yellow
vanishes all too soon
replaced once more
by licking light as
flame of sun
dries the morning dew.
The world turns,
spins its axis.
Gravity pulls…
friction to those…
A burden pulling
heart strings
for the Heavens.
Touch the sun,
kiss the moon,
dance with the stars.
Earth is a magnet
calling me home,
gravity begging
always left wanting
‘til I return
her golden embrace.


The mysterious night enfolds me
in quiet contemplation, eyes lingering
over each star wondering what stories they hold
and have seen from their vaulted throne above.

I’m curious how long they have been
enshrined in light, piercing this Earth’s
dark nights.

Each one must have its own story—
its own origin—going back before
time was even counted. The stars
were after all the original keepers of time.
Time might be an entirely different thing
if we had no stars…It’s an interesting thought.

I wonder how much loss just one star
would accumulate during its time, seeing
so many things get destroyed, pass away
or blink out of existence, no longer illuminated
by the beauty of its light.

How much charge of pain would be stored,
locked deep within, behind the bright
shell of their skin?

And I delight at the idea of all the joys
they must have known—gathered up
and bursting from within. Perhaps their joy
is what lights their way? I imagine a star
getting drunk on red wine of happiness,
exploding out from its inner core with
exuberant flame.

Theirs are eyes which would have observed
all the stories of happiness here on Earth
since time immemorial—all the joys
we have known and all those joys
we can only imagine, and in some cases,
joys we now cannot even fathom.

Yet if time did not exist,
would then all these things be missed?

What would happen if there were no stars?
No beauty of light to gaze upon in the night.
No signposts for sailors or travelers lost in the dark.

Earth would be a lonely planet indeed if it
were alone in the galaxy. There would not even
be a galaxy. Just Earth—cold, dark and lonely.

And what about hope? Stars have always
been omens of hope. For ages, we’ve wished
upon a star for our dreams to come true.
How dark it would be without that.
And how very much alone we would feel.

For me, as I sit here and wish upon a star,
it is to always have their beauty looking down
on me from afar, to always have their light
cutting through the dark, to always be able
to “count my lucky stars,” to always have the hope
for the possibility of other life out there
in this vast universe of ours.


Heart awakens from silent nap—
artist in me reborn.
Tree of inspiration dripping sap;
seed within sprouts forth.

Works of art escape me—
vibrant saplings of truth,
sharp blades of creativity—
shining bright in new youth.

Images spill over old snow
as a new season dawns.
Canvas now colored in creative flow,
breaking free monotony’s yawns.

Words of poetry adorn the page—
truth of my soul laid bare.
My thoughts free of old cage
flock to new destinies they dare.

Inspiration for a new world
springs from inside my soul,
feeds the world without
until Earth once again feels whole—

awakened to its own soul.

Miranda Clarity has been writing poetry since the age of 12. She is now, at age 39, working to get her poetry published to spread messages of truth, peace and beauty during these turbulent times in the world.