1. Best Friend

Fey-eyed, nightgown-clad,
Her hair well tousled;
In her hands a bear or doll,
The silhouette did not reveal.

She was my best friend,
Her ears where secrets were whispered.

Her dreams, I learned;
Her love, I treasured.
It nectared bitter days,
And brought me joys.

She was my best friend,
My time was hers to spend.

My dreams, she learned.
My love, she spared,
In search for another;
In her hands a dagger.

She was my best friend.
Till the very end.

  1. Moon

Moon, beautiful Moon,
Your cycles,
I know by my heart.
The shedding at each stage.

And you laugh
In the night, at this fool –

My cycles, you’ve seen,
Over the centuries, you’ve known
As my soul lives and leaves,
In each flesh I passed on in.

And you cry
In the night, at this fool –

My lives, you’ve seen,
Over the years, you’ve watched
The roles I played; my births,
And deaths, and those I had loved.

  1. Mirror

Such a great thing of beauty, you were,
When I first laid eyes on you at the
Antique shop at the end of the lane;
And I knew I had to bring you home.

You stand tall in my room,
A proud accessory while I groom
Myself in your presence,
You watching my every move.

Now I have strange dreams of you,
And I cannot bear to look at you.
When I stretch my lips into a smile,
My reflection returns me a death stare.

  1. Social Media

No one cares if a post is made
Out of the sarcophagus’ space;
No one questions why our shades
Are never drawn during daytimes.

For a modern day vampire,
Social media is a warm welcome.

Our identities are as hidden as yours,
We’re both pretending to be others.

Belying our true selves and nature,
Behind screens so dark and remote;
In visual worlds without spoken words,
Our old world accents are not heard.

I know who you are, who you pretend to be;
I am the lover you’ll never find in real life.

  1. Ghost Bride

He lifts the red veil from her face,
A wooden block stares back;
She represents his bride,
He keeps his fear in check.

The tea was served; gifts bestowed,
The ceremony is coming to an end.

He goes to bed clutching his covers
Looking around the dark in fear.
She finds him in his dreams,
She’s beautiful and she seduces.

Every nightfall they meet in passion,
Till the day he demises, a rare virgin.

Ellouisa Chen weaves beautiful poems as naturally as seeds blossoming into beautiful flowers for nature to enjoy.  She lets her passion and observations flow into her ink and her words, giving a deep insight to her thoughts.